Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android is part of Fennec project. The aim at Fennec is . Currently, a pre-alpha version of Firefox for Android is downloadable from here or by using the QR code below. I installed Fennec on my Nexus One running Froyo 2.2. A pre-alpha software is of course just a pre-alpha software missing some features and containing quite many bugs. Loading of web pages is bit slow as well as updating the UI at some points. In general, UI needs to be polished. Fennec do have some interesting UI ideas, but I will need to use Fennec for longer period to conclude whether I like them or not. However, a recommend you to give a try, at least when Fennec hits the actual alpha or beta status.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Elisa access point settings for Android

Just in case someone needs the access point settings for Elise Internet and MMS, I publish them here. I have tested the settings to work at least with HTC Hero, HTC Desire, Motorola Milestone, and Nexus One.


Name: Elisa Internet
APN: Internet
MCC: 244
MNC: 05
APN type: default


Name: Elisa MMS
APN: mms
MMSC: http://mms.elisa.fi
MMS proxy:
MMS port:
MCC: 244
MNC: 05