Monday, October 12, 2009

Droid Fonts

Android uses a really nice looking system font family called "Droid". Droid fonts are created by a company called Ascender Corporation. Droid fonts are designed to work well on typical Android screen sizes and at small font point sizes. I also found that quite many developers like to use Droid Mono Sans font in their code editors because the font appears be a good looking coding font (here is a sample blog review). I wanted to install the Droid fonts into my OSX and Linux machines, so that I could use them in another great open source creation GIMP, which I use extensively to create the graphics for my applications.

The latest versions of the Droid Fonts can be found, for instance, from the official Android Open Source site, but more conveniently, you can get the TrueType Font files from within the Android SDK, for instance:



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