Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The meaning of "Robopupu"

It is (usually) cool to have a cute name and logo for your web site, blog, or application. I definitely wanted to have a cute name and logo for my new blog . One day I was playing with my 2-years old son who happens to be a huge fan of pupus. Pupu is a childish word (similar to bunny) for rabbits in Finnish language. (PuPu happens to be also the hawaiian word for the enjoyable little edibles, but do not tell that to my son ...). Time to time my kid dresses up his rabbit puppets to be little robot rabbits. Robots reminded me about Android and my desperate search for a cute logo, and that is how I got the idea about Robopupu. I hope you like it. At least my son thinks that Robopupu is way cool :)


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