Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's time for me to start Android application development and blogging about it

I recently bought a HTC Hero Android phone, because I wanted to start application development on Google Android platform. I have been developing with both mobile and desktop Java since 1995 (yes, I know I'm an old timer). I have been waiting for a powerful enough mobile Java development platform over 10 years now. I did not like much about J2ME platforms, because I experienced them as too restricted development environments lacking a lot of functions and APIs I really wanted to use. SavaJe OS running Java Swing applications was very promising and interesting, but unfortunately it did not made to markets. (Sigh, I still have my SavaJe developer phone I bought from JavaOne event :)).

When Google Android OS was released, I immediately realized that Android, backed up by Google (the most innovative IT company in the history of humankind and rabbits, IMHO), is the platform I have looking for all these long years. So, now I am more than ready to start development on Android. I also decided to start a new personal blog for documenting and sharing my experiences with, findings on, and tips for the Android application development. I plan to provide some sample applications and class libraries and other code I consider useful.

I am really excited to start application development for Android platform, and I hope that you will enjoy reading my experiences with it :) I am also looking forward to receive your feedback and comments.


Marko Salmela


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