Saturday, August 29, 2009

My First Android Application

I have been quite busy during last few days developing my first Android application, so I have postponed publishing some tool reviews I have promised to write. I am currently evaluating some interesting tools while developing my first real application.

I am not ready yet to reveal what I am developing, but let's say that the application I am really excited about is related to what I have been basically studied since 1994 :) I have really enjoyed (so far) writing code for Android platform using Java and the advanced IDEs, such as Eclipse and NetBeans . (FYI, I am also a devoted iPhone fanboy enjoying Objective-C, but disliking XCode IDE ...). During the years as a Java developer, I have been developing a huge library of more or less reusable Java classes and frameworks - now I am able to reuse most of them for Android development :)


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