Friday, August 14, 2009

MOTODEV Studio for Android

I downloaded today MOTODEV Studio for Android. The tool is targeted to be a complete Eclipse based development package for developing Android applications. The key tool features are described to be as follows:
  • Eclipse 3.4 based tool environment including Android Development Tools (ADT)
  • Automated updating of ADT
  • Advanced support for templates and code snippets
  • Application signing support
  • Marketing integration via connecting to Android application stores
  • Update Manager for updating the installed components
  • Context-sensitive help and integration documentation
  • Handset emulators including the Motorola-specific ones
  • Application creation wizards for creating implementations of the most common and important framework classes
  • Virtual device lab for launching applications on real handsets hosted remotely at DeviceAnywhere, across carriers and regions.
  • Package deployment supporting easy loading of developed applications to handsets and emulators.
  • A dedicated Eclipse perspective
  • Running and debugging application in Motorola handset
The key features list sounds very interesting and promising. It seems to me that Motorola is making a big effort and investments to enter into Android economy. I will definitively give a try for MOTODEV Studio. I will report my experiences and findings in this blog in near future. Stay tuned.

I am interested to receive your comments about this particular tool and other Android development tools currently available.


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